Rochester Makes the The top 10 WBN Giver Regions per Capita

World Book Night Top Giver Cities and Regions

World Book Night US: Washington, Michigan, and New York attract the most volunteers Read more here and here.

World Book Night U.S. has delineated the top giver towns, cities and regions per capita. “Doing it just by pure number and by individual towns and cities didn’t capture the full picture of where the most givers are,” executive director Carl Lennertz commented. “Yes, the five big cities top the list in order of population, but then it begins to follow along the lines of both very involved bookstores and libraries, as well as places with community-minded citizens and/or a population in need.”


The top 10 WBN giver regions per capita: 1. West Seattle Sound (Bainbridge Island/Kitsap/Olympic Peninsula), Wash. 2. Lansing/Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Mich. 3. Buffalo/Rochester/Oswego/Brockport, N.Y. 4. Los Angeles beach towns 5. San Joaquin Valley, especially Fresno and Bakersfield, Calif. 6. East Bay: Oakland, Berkeley and all of East Bay, Calif. 7. Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Triangle, N.C. 8. Eugene/Salem/Corvallis, Ore. 9. Palm Beach County, Fla. 10. Hudson Valley, N.Y.

WBN Reception on April 18



These books are waiting for all the WBN Givers. Please thank our shipping department who stacked and alphabetized the boxes for us. Remember, for those who picked Central as a pick up location, you can pick your books up here on April 18 at the WBN Reception from 4-7 pm. The reception is in the Bausch & Lomb Public Library Building, 1st floor, Kate Gleason Auditorium. See you there!


Three Weeks To Go…

There are three weeks left until World Book Night 2013 – and all is good. Over the next ten days, you should be hearing from your pick-up location with information about when you’ll be able to pick up your box of books. All box pick-ups will be during the week prior to April 23rd (from Monday, April 15 through Monday, April 22). We will also email you and keep you posted on all sorts of news – and yes, we’ll send along the location name again closer to the date, just as a reminder.

Two favors: 1) Please do not go inquire about your box at your store or library yet. They are super busy and not all store or library staff will be up to speed on WBN until the week of April 15.

2) Don’t forget to check out all of the downloadable items in the Resources section on our website.  You’ll find templates for everything from bookmarks to stickers to our logo, for those of you who are especially crafty and want to make a t-shirt for yourself!  You’ll also find brief descriptions of every book, some giver tips, and a recipient letter you can print off and put in the copies you hand out.  Check it out here (or copy/paste this URL into your browser:

For book descriptions click here .

As always, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and other information.  This week, we’re posting regional maps of givers across the country–four new ones each day!

Thank you so much for your support of World Book Night!


The World Book Night Team

WBN News from Their Blog

Mixed book boxes or not mixed book boxes…

We’ve had several requests for mixed cartons, whether 1’s of 20 titles, or 10s each of a book in English and Spanish.

I truly wish we could mix books in cartons, but on our budget and time schedule: printing 500,000 books at 10 different binders and getting them packed and shipped in boxes of 20 to our distributor, who has to reship 25,000 boxes with the giver’s name on it and for the right book….and well, we just physically can’t time- or work-wise.

As for why we originally decided philosophically that each giver would get 20 of the same book, it was integral to your passion as you hand out the book. We would much, much rather the interaction be: “I love this book and hope you do, too.” vs. “Here’s a book for you.”

We don’t require that you’ve read your book, but it would help…and you will have time in March to read it if you haven’t already! Most of our books choices are readily available at bookstores and libraries.

So, we did debate 1’s of 20 titles in the early days of WBN planning, but the logistics and cost were just too much.

One thing: If you attend a pre-WBN reception at your local store or library, yes, you can trade some books with each other before going out on April 23.

Read more at the WBN Blog